Here are all the Prospective Faculty Mentors:

#First NameLast NameAffiliationDepartmentResearch TopicResearch InterestWeb AddressEmail Address
1AsimAbdel-MageedTulane Medical CenterUrologyMolecular OncologyOur translational research focuses on unravelling molecular mechanisms underpinning cancer progression, development of biomarkers for high-risk disease, establishment of novel evidenced-based therapeutic strategies
2HamidBoularesLSUHSC-NOPharmacology and the Stanley Cancer CenterPharmacology, disease models, molecular signaling, cancerOur lab investigates the mechanisms by which DNA repair enzymes such as poly(ADP) ribose polymerase1 (PARP-1) and DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK) contribute to inflammatory processes. We focus primarily on asthma, atherosclerosis, and colon cancer. To conduct our studies, we take a spectrum of approaches including cell-free systems, cell culture systems, animal models of diseases, and human specimens. The ultimate goal is to unravel new directions to block the influence of these DNA repair enzymes in inflammatory situations and formulate new therapeutic strategies.
3JeremyBrownLSU-BRBiological SciencesPhylogenetics and Molecular EvolutionWe are interested in how to best use genomic sequencies to infer evolutionary history and also understand how evolution has shaped the genome itself.
4JohnDiTusaLSU-BRPhysics and AstronomyExperimental Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science.My interests are in experimental condensed matter Physics and in particular magnetic spin textures such as helical and skyrmion lattice states. In addition I remain interested in the transport and magnetic properties of materials near phase transitions.
5ShileHuangLSUHSC-SBiochemistry and Molecualr BiologyCell Signaling and tumorigenesismTOR regulation of cell motility; Anticancer mechanisms of small molecules (including natural products); Neurotoxicity of the heavy metal cadmium.
6AndrewLewinLSU School of Veterinary MedicineVeterinary Clinical SciencesInfectious ocular disease and clinical ophthalmologyOur lab works on a variety of projects focused on infectious ocular disease and clinical comparative ophthalmology. A list of projects is available on our website. These include the treatment of various herpesviruses in ocular disease and bacterial eye infections in a variety of species.
7KarenMaruskaLouisiana State University - Baton RougeBiological SciencesNeurobiology and behaviorMy laboratory's research is broadly focused on understanding the neural basis of natural social behaviors in fishes, including aggression and reproduction, and the mechanisms that underlie sensory, behavioral and neural plasticity.
8SumitraMiriyalaLSUHSC-ShreveportCellular Biology and AnatomyOxidant Stress in Cardiovascular DiseasesMy laboratory is currently studying the correlation between cardiovascular diseases and ROS, especially superoxide. Manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD/SOD2) is an endogenous antioxidant enzyme synthesized in the cytosol and is post-transcriptionally transported into mitochondria, where it catalyzes the dismutation of superoxide radicals, and plays a vital role in pathophysiological conditions like obesity. Establishing elevation of lysophosphatidic acid levels as a risk predictor of cerebral artery disease promises to identify important and innovative targets for the development of new biomarkers and/or therapeutics to further develop important advances in health care.
9KermitMurrayLSU-BRChemistryMass spectrometry instrument development and applications.Biological and forensic mass spectrometry, tissue imaging, laser ablation microsampling for proteomics, genomics, and forensics, development of new instruments and applications.
10ManikandanPanchatcharamLSU Health Science Center - ShreveportCellular Biology & AnatomyLipd Regulation in Ischemic TissueOur lab currently focus on enzymatic and lipid regulation following myocardial infarction or ischemic stroke
11JohnPojmanLSU-BRChemistryPolmer ChemistryI study new polymers for culturing cells and study the secretions of the three-toed amphiuma by mass spectrometry.
12StephanWittLSUHSC-SBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyAlpha-synuclein and neurodegeneration, Cell Biology, Lipids and MembranesWe study the mechanism by which the Parkinson's disease-associated protein alpha-synuclein causes neurodegeneration. We also study the role of alpha-synuclein in the cancer melanoma.